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Hawaiian Aliyah

I had never seen anyone, in real life, in a bathing suit like that before. I stared at the man lying in front of me wondering how he had the nerve to wear something so small. I wondered if the police would arrest him. I wondered if he wasn't worried that everyone would know that he was a homosexual. After all, this wasn't Europe. Any man wearing a bathing suit that revealing had to be a fairy. I knew that. I had heard it from everyone I knew. I had seen it in those men’s "physique" magazines I bought at newsstands in Philadelphia. The same magazines I would sneak into the house, so that I could masturbate with the men of my dreams. I only imagined that I would ever meet men like that and now here, lying in front of me, was one. I was sure. It was his well formed body, but mostly, it was his skimpy black bathing suit.

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